Statement on a Peaceful Election and Political Process


"May the One who makes peace in the high heavens make peace for us, for all Israel and all who inhabit the earth. Amen.”—Oseh Shalom


“Blessed are the peacemakers.” — Jesus (Matthew 5:9)


“God wishes to make loving affection between you and those with whom you feel enmity. God is fully capable of that. God is Forgiving and Merciful.”—Quran 60:7


The Multi-Faith Neighbors Network is, in many respects, possible because of the American experiment. In spite of her imperfections, the United States has consistently protected the freedom of religious expression, thus paving the way for cooperation, dialogue, understanding, respect, and love. With this American spirit in mind, the members of Multi-Faith Neighbors Network—Jewish, Christian, and Muslim—call for unity and peace in this tense and tumultuous political season.


As Election Day 2020 approaches, we call upon all government leaders, candidates, and elected officials--Democrats and Republicans--at every level and branch of government, to recommit to our nation’s core democratic principles and oppose any potential or actual violence. 


In the case of contested or close elections we call for patience and trust in the system, as we allow for every valid vote to be counted. Furthermore, we ask faith leaders of all traditions to set a standard of discourse that rejects the prevailing culture of contempt, oppose violence, and encourage peaceful engagement in the political process. 


We believe that if people of faith will embody these attitudes and actions, we can not only avoid violence and division, but we can take concrete steps towards restored unity and civility in our nation. 


May we remember that, as Americans, we are stronger together than we are divided.  And may this week spark a renewed commitment to peace in our communities and love for our fellow citizen in our hearts.


Almighty God, we pray today for peace.

Our world is often frightening and broken.

We see calamity, violence, and anger.

The rhetoric and divisiveness of people can lead us to despair.

And yet, Your people know well how you speak of peace.

You created us in your image, with a yearning for You, your peace.

You give peace in the form of human flourishing.

You give peace through reconciliation of former enemies.

You give peace through the words we speak in love.

You give peace to those in mourning and loss.

You are the giver of peace.

And so we pray,

God, give us a desire for peace greater than our desire for power.

God, help us to see the need of our neighbor as great as our own.

God, help us to speak and act from a posture of love instead of hate.

God, give us courage to step forward as peacemakers in the midst of strife.

God, grant us sensitive hearts to comfort those who are hurting.

And help us to do it all in Your Name.